Criminal Minds/Sentinel/NCIS fic rec

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Criminal Minds/Sentinel/NCIS fic rec

Post by AzureHart on Fri 17 Apr - 1:29

Life Swings and Fluctuates by Lady Angel
Fandom(s):  Criminal Minds/The Sentinel fusion.  Part 2 is a fusion with NCIS as well.
Link:  archiveofourown . org/series/39546  (remove spaces)
Pairings:  Former Hotch/Haley future Hotch/Reid, Gibbs/Tony
Summary:  Aaron Hotchner did not expect for his senses to activate when he was in his thirties. He did not expect his guide to be a fifteen year old genius. He did not expect to catch his wife in their bed with another man.  He certainly did not expect to fall in love again.
Rec: This is one of the first Hotch/Reid fics I've read.  Their coming together is sweet and gradual.  Hotch is a bit damaged by his wife's betrayal and Rossi plays yenta trying to get the boys to see how right for each other they are and how much more they could be beyond the Sentinel and Guide relationship.

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